Once upon a dream...
In the ancient land of Deighton Downs, at a time of great hardship, adventure, and loneliness, a young African found himself at the foothills of the Aberdare Ranges overlooking the Laikipia plains.

As he grew up there, enveloped in a harsh wilderness, unto him came an immortal dream.
That dream now stands as...

The Tafaria Castle & Country Lodge.
EST D 2012 AD.

The Castle Inside the Damsel Plus Inside the Damsel Plus Quadbikes at the Tafaria The Bailey at Tafaria The Moat at Tafaria The Tafaria Lost Knights The Tafaria Bailey Dining The Tafaria Castle Frontage Tafaria Vikings and Castle Tafaria blue sky
Tafaria is a country lodge built on a hill overlooking the Aberdare Range, Laikipia Plains and Mount Kenya, halfway between Nyeri and Nyahururu, Kenya. Completed in 2012 AD, the development has been conceived to engender two states of mind – that of adventure stimulated by the remote location within reach of rich Kenyan wildlife and medieval architectural style that runs from the castle to the similarly themed cottages, and relaxation facilitated by the high altitude, secluded spot and gentle, manicured grounds.
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