Once upon a dream, in the ancient land of Deighton Downs, at a time of great hardship, adventure, and isolation, a young African found himself at the foothills of the Aberdare Ranges overlooking the Laikipia plains.

As he grew up there, enveloped in a harsh wilderness, unto him came an immortal dream. That dream now stands as…

The Tafaria Castle
2012 AD.


Completed in 2012 AD, Tafaria Castle was motivated by the dream to transform this impoverished rural community where George Tafaria grew up.

Steeped in inspiration, Tafaria Castle was created to bring about two transformational states of mind – adventure stimulated by the unique location within reach of rich Kenyan wildlife and imagination drawn from the medieval architectural style of the Castle and its lodges.

Tafaria Castle, sits on a hill overlooking Mount Kenya and the Laikipia Plains, is an ideal venue for those in search of a unique and special getaway in the countryside for rejuvenation, relaxation, meetings and special events – weddings, honeymoons and parties

George and Eunice invite you to share in their dream. Rediscover yourself in this magnificent, tranquil, unique part of Kenya. You will find us halfway between Nyeri and Nyahururu. The journey from Nairobi is easy, scenic and smooth.

We give you a guided tour of the Castle and its grounds as we tell our story.

Come and be part of our dream.


The Tafaria Castle & Country Lodge has 50 rooms in its various residential quarters. The Castle houses the Lord’s room which is ideal for honey-mooners or those looking for extra luxury.

Below it within the Castle’s building is the lord’s court which has 7 rooms. The Lord’s room and Court overlooks the Castle’s four residential quarters: The Damsels’ Quarters are optimally sized, the Knights’ Quarters are perfect if you would like that extra space or the Vikings’ Quarters if you fancy being tented. If you have a family or prefer even more space, the Lost Knights’ Quarters, the old house which is a 3-bedroom cottage or the Damsel-Plus which are bigger rooms with connecting doors will provide you with that spacious accommodation.

Onsite accommodation and meals for crew and drivers is offered at a modest rate.

Accomodation Quarters Guiding Rates: All seasons Rates - Single Guiding Rates: All seasons Rates - Double Guiding Rates: Easter, Christmas, Christmas weekend and New Year - Single Guiding Rates: Easter, Christmas, Christmas weekend and New Year - Double
LORD'S ROOM KES 25,000. KES 25,000. KES 40,000. KES 40,000.
THE LORD'S COURT KES 20,000. KES 20,000. KES 38,000. KES 38,000.
THE OLD HOUSE KES 30,000. Max 3 people. Ksh. 6,500 for each extra person. KES 60,000. KES 60,000.
LOST KNIGHTS KES 12,000. KES 17,000. KES 26,000. KES 36,000.
KNIGHTS KES 9,900. KES 15,000. KES 20,000. KES 26,000.
DAMSELS KES 9,900. KES 15,000. KES 16,000. KES 22,000.
DAMSELS PLUS KES 9,900. KES 15,000. KES 16,000. KES 22,000.
MANOR ROOMS KES 9,900. KES 15,000. KES 16,000. KES 22,000.
VIKINGS KES 9,900. KES 15,000. KES 16,000. KES 22,000.


Tafaria Castle Nuptials

Make your fairy tale dream wedding come true at Tafaria Castle, the most romantic and perfect venue for the most important day of your life.

The Castle is an exclusive location in magnificent countryside and gives your special day a unique backdrop of the splendid Castle overlooking Mt Kenya and Aberdare ranges.

The Castle has a ballroom for your evening party and a distinctive venue for your disco. You will be chauffeured around our extensive grounds in our horse drawn chariot and spend the night in the Lord’s room.

The seven room Lord’s court is available for the bridal party and the private house will serve as the bride’s home. We offer personal service, with attention to detail and will cater to preferences including your wedding cake.

Your wedding ceremony can take place in your choice of location in our grounds – in our open-air-roman amphitheater, by our swimming pool, in the Castle Ballroom or a place of your choice in the Castle grounds.

To capture your special moments, beyond the Castle, take your photo sessions in the stunning Aberdare Park near Satima peak or in our nano conservancy.

We aim to make your special day enchanting and memorable to make your dream come true.

To support you on your special day, Tafaria team will give you free use of our;

  • Wedding chariot drawn by either of our beautiful horses Malaika or Taji
  • Lord’s room on your wedding night
  • Fruit basket, a bottle of house wine and complimentary room service.


We invite you to share in our philosophy by joining us for your team away-days. We offer a perfect venue for organisation refreshment, improving efficiency and building your team.

The inspirational surroundings will do wonders for your creativity. Tafaria Castle is a unique and tranquil destination for day and residential conferences away from city bustle.

Tafaria Castle offers you a choice of different venues – the Think Tank conference hall, outdoor or inside the Castle.

Conference packages starts from 7,500 per person sharing on a run of house basis. Your package includes full board accommodation, 10am and 4pm tea and snacks, free use of the meeting room, projector, flipcharts and writing materials.

We encourage you to pursue a CSR opportunity in our community to sustain the transformation taking place.


Great teamwork is one of the key factors associated with a company's success. Bring out your team out for a day or two to improve their interpersonal relationships. Tafaria is a secluded and serene location, which will help you achieve this goal in the countryside away from distraction.


What to do while at Tafaria

For Kids’ [Trampoline, swings, slides, bouncing castles)
Indoor games (pool table, chess, darts, Play stations)
Scenic picnic to Aberdare park
Heated pool Swimming
Horse chariot ridding
Village stroll/walk
Bird Watching
Outdoor Yoga
Horse riding
Game drive
Art Tour


Tafaria helps you indulge in the countryside effectively getting away from routine and enhancing your personal wellbeing.

Our goFit program at the Castle is an easy way to help you achieve this goal.

goFit involves a hike to the park, a walk or a run around the village based on a guided route.

goFit reckons that it is not natural to work in the way we do these days. We evolved as active human beings, out in the countryside, using far more of our senses and physical capabilities than we do sitting at a desk, on a production line or in a meeting room – our stress levels increase when we are not able to use our minds and bodies in their natural ways.


Tafaria is situated along the road between Nyeri and Nyahururu. Getting to Tafaria takes approximately 3hours driving from Nairobi. Tafaria is 65km from Nyeri and 39km from Nyahururu.

After Nyeri or Nyahururu, take Nyeri-Nyahururu road and turn left at the sign “Tafaria Castle”.

Tafaria is 5 km off the main road.

For reservations or more information;

Call us on: +254 700 151 480/ +254 708 877 244

Or write to us



We believe in and use the creative and cultural industries as catalysts for social, economic and environmental change in rural Kenya.

The rural-to-urban migration in Kenya is driven principally by the belief that education, jobs, housing, medical care and other enablers and amenities are superior and upward mobility more likely in towns and cities. Notwithstanding the anecdotal evidence that this may be the case, this perception is made more apparent by the general state of rural areas, characterised by poor quality built environments, hard to reach and often inferior quality services, low social prestige and narrow employment and business opportunities.

This makes rural areas aesthetically and economically distressed and thus less appealing as living areas of choice.


Why we do it

Rural transformation through creative industry

In continuing with our rural transformation agenda and in response to the above problem, the Tafaria Foundation (the social arm of Tafaria Castle) established Tafaria cHub (creative hub) in 2013. cHub is housed by Tafaria Castle and its overall goal to make rural areas culturally, physically and commercially appealing, improving their social, economic and environmental outcomes and making them more inviting, hospitable and resilient as a means of reversing rural-urban flight,.


How we do it

The inaugural cHub activity linked to this goal was an artist-in-residence (AiR) programme where visual and performing artists, craftspeople, designers, writers and other creative practitioners and postgraduate students collaborate with local individuals, businesses, institutions and national or county government agencies to identify, train and mentor local talent with the goal of developing independent creative practitioners and entrepreneurs as alternative occupational and business avenues while, at the same time, addressing local problem areas.

This is cHub’s point of departure from traditional artists’ residencies – Tafaria artists-in-residence are required to identify a local problem which they could solve in a creative medium and with the involvement of the community.


Typical 4-week AiR schedule

The artists-in-residence programme is designed to gain an understanding of the context and therefore deliver solutions of local relevance and applicability. This is done over a 4 or 8 week period divided into 3 phases – understand, create and deliver.

Weeks Deliverables
Week 1 - Understand Listen to the voice of the community through immersions and link up with local collaborators. Identify an area of mutual interest where art, craft, design or writing could make an impact
Week 2 - Create Consider economic, social and environmental levers by producing work with potential to demonstrate viable outcomes
Week 3 - Deliver Document creative development process and community experience. Share outputs via exhibition / performance / publication / media event etc
Week 4 - Deliver Share outputs via exhibition / performance / publication / media event etc


Artists-in-Residence are accommodated in the cHub residency quarters and have access to the staff canteen. Tafaria Foundation covers the cost of local transport, accommodation, meals, per diem, materials, marketing (exhibition, online publication, media events), the selection process and the design of workshop programmes to expose the local community to creative arts and cultural activities.

Some basic tools are available but any specialist materials or equipment will need to be brought in by the artists who will also be responsible for their safety and upkeep. AiRs have access to the studio/gallery, workshop, library, amphitheater, lodge restaurant, café and bar, on-site recreational and the substantial grounds plus wifi.

Tafaria incorporates an ecosystem to support the creative and cultural industries – this creative hub (cHub) includes an Amphitheatre for performing arts and a cHub studio for visual arts. The impetus behind cHub is to demonstrate how rural areas can be invigorated to provide viable sites for professional pursuits and unconventional employment and entrepreneurial opportunities as part of an environmental, economic and social transformation through the development of a creative economy in a rural setting.

Tafaria, therefore, invites applications from visual and performing artists, designers, creative writers, scientists, architects and other creatives. Applicants should have a deep interest in connecting with local (rural) communities while creating their own work. We expect cHub artists-in-residence to respond on their surroundings and be open to work collaboratively with and for the community.

Tafaria offers the qualifying persons a 6-8weeks residency at Tafaria Castle. The sponsorship includes return local transfers to Tafaria, per diem, accommodation, meals, local facilitation and connection with local community members, locally available recyclable materials, studio / working space, a workshop with basic tools, and exhibition and performance spaces



How to apply

We invite applicants to take up residency for up to 8 weeks. Applicants should provide one page statement describing:

  • Your current artistic practice (visual or performing art, crafts, design, writing, etc.) with some examples of your work (should be provided separately in an electronic medium)
  • The reasons for your interest in the residency and the particular project you will be developing during the residency
  • How the opportunity provided by this residency will impact your future work and professional and personal development
  • A current CV containing your email and telephone contacts and the names, email and telephone contacts of two professional referees (we will only contact your referees if your application is shortlisted for interview)

    Selection criteria

    Selection will be based on the following criteria (attempting to address these points in your application helps):

  • The extent to which you demonstrate how your work during the residency will help deliver the programme’s desired outcomes (the economic, social and environmental concerns enumerated above)
  • Your need for a period of concentrated, collaborative, socially engaging and community-based work
  • Your interest in working within a community of artists, craftspeople, designers and writers and your willingness to discuss and share ideas with other residents and the rural community around Tafaria
  • Your willingness and ability to work alongside and mentor local apprentices during the course of your residency

    We accept applications throughout the year but expect applicants to state the preferred period of their residency. Applications and supporting material should be emailed to